Stress and Me

With all the events going on in 2020 a lot of us are feeling an immense feeling of pressure or stress. A lot of things are up in the air; jobs, school, money, family health. There are no answers and information is coming fast and furious. Things change on a daily basis and your head is spinning. You start getting headaches, joint pains, fatigue, heart palpitations, insomnia, loss of appetite, you feel as it is all going to blow. 

This is me right now. Stressed out to the max. I am trying to manage as best I can without it affecting the kids but they are stressed too. They can’t see their friends, go to school and they have lost their sense of harmony or routine.

It is important that you try to remain strong, take time for yourself and renew and recharge so you don’t blow. But how do you get there? Where do you find the time? Everyone’s situation is different but it is up to each and every person to take a time out and take care of themselves. If you crack who is going to take your place?

This thought has kept me going. There are day I just lay in silence for 10 minute in a dark room and others I blast the music and dance around the house. As moms we need to set a positive example for our children. If they see us crumble and not pick ourselves up how will they learn?

When I get to the point of no return it does nothing but harm them and makes me feel even worse. I often tell my kids mom is stressed right now and needs some time to recharge. Speak with your kids tell them what’s going on. Set that example. If you have to cry, cry, sit in a dark room, play a game, blast the music.

All month I will be sharing my story on how I am getting through this and by this I mean throws arms in the air and shakes them vigorously. For me today I have been listening to heavy metal and writing this blog. Tomorrow I may be crying, the next I may be walking on the treadmill. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself sane. . .most importantly for YOU!


Until next time!


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